The Tewksbury and Central Catholic stars join Andover's E.J. Perry and Tewksbury's Brian Aylward, who won top Coach honors from the league. Aylward, Donatio Named 2019 Football MVPs By MVC

The Tewksbury and Central Catholic stars join Andover’s E.J. Perry and Tewksbury’s Brian Aylward, who won top Coach honors from the league.

The Merrimack Valley Conference released their official end-of-season awards on Thursday, with Central Catholic High School’s Nick Donatio and Tewksbury’s Shane Aylward earning Most Valuable Player honors from the league.

Donatio was a triple threat for the Raiders, with 496 receiving yards and 9 TDs, 91 tackles, four interceptions and 2 defensive TDs scored and 361 kick and punt return yards with one TD scored.

Aylward fought a shoulder injury through the middle of the season, but still ended up with 379 receiving yards, 276 rushing yards and seven touchdowns on offense, 34 tackles and two interceptions on defense and four return touchdowns on special teams.

E.J. Perry of Andover High School was named the Division 1 Coach of the Year and Brian Aylward of Tewksbury was named Division 2 Coach of the Year.

Brendan Tighe of Lowell High School was named Division 1 Offensive Player of the Year. Tighe, who is headed to the University of New Hampshire this fall, ended the year with 740 rushing yards and 352 rushing yards to go with 14 rushing TDs, 2 receiving TDs and 2 passing TDs. Tighe continued his career of versatility, playing running back, wide receiver and quarterback at various times for the Red Raiders (he also had 62 tackles, 5 sacks and 1 INT on defense).

Nolan Houlihan of Billerica High School was named the Division 2 Offensive Player of the Year after throwing for 2,076 yards and 16 TDs to go with 476 rushing yards for the Indians.

Michael Slayton of Andover High School was named the Division 1 Defensive Player of the Year. Slayton finished the year with a league-leading 118 tackles (43 solo), 15.5 tackles for loss and two interceptions for the Golden Warriors.

Ryan Hogan of Billerica High School was named the Division 2 Defensive Player of the Year. Hogan finished the year with 81 tackles and a league-leading 15.5 sacks for the Indians.

Tewksbury senior left guard Robbie Kimtis was named the MVC Lineman of the Year.

Here are the MVC Division 1 First Team All-Conference honorees:

Scott Brown (FR) – Andover H.S.
Kelvin Davila (SR) – Andover H.S.
AJ Heidtke (JR) – Andover H.S.
Shamus Florio (SR) – Andover H.S.
Joshua “Bibi” Ramos (SR) – Andover H.S.
Michael Finneran (SR) – Central Catholic H.S.
Mark Kassis (SR) – Central Catholic H.S.
Uyi Osayimwen (JR) – Central Catholic H.S.
Ayden Pereira (SO) – Central Catholic H.S.
Mike Sader (SR) – Central Catholic H.S.
Jermaine Wiggins (JR) – Central Catholic H.S.
Jabari Baptiste (JR) – Haverhill H.S.
Teyshon McGee (JR) – Haverhill H.S.
Manny Lara (SR) – Lawrence H.S.
Eric Sanchez (SR) – Lawrence H.S.
Santana Silveiro (SR) – Lawrence H.S.
Jacob Tamayo (SR) – Lawrence H.S.
Luis Cadime (SR) – Lowell H.S.
Jakob Rivers (SR) – Lowell H.S.
Connor Bryant (SR) – Methuen H.S.
Kareem Coleman (SR) – Methuen H.S.
Anthony Romano (JR) – Methuen H.S.

Here are the MVC Division 2 First Team All-Conference honorees:

Colby Cyrus (SR) – Billerica Memorial H.S.
Joe Dufour (JR) – Billerica Memorial H.S.
Nicholas Gualtieri (SR) – Billerica Memorial H.S.
Brian Hamilton (JR) – Billerica Memorial H.S.
Jake Chiasson (SR) – Chelmsford H.S.
Dominic DiBari (SR) – Chelmsford H.S.
Sean Stackpole (JR) – Chelmsford H.S.
Sloan Carter (JR) – Dracut H.S.
Lucas Ibarguen (JR) – Dracut H.S.
J.C. Santiago (JR) – Dracut H.S.
Matt Chicko (SR) – North Andover H.S.
Freddy Gabin (SR) – North Andover H.S.
Jadynn Mencia (SR) – North Andover H.S.
Will Schimmoeller (JR) – North Andover H.S.
Max Wolfgang (JR) – North Andover H.S.
Kyle Darrigo (JR) – Tewksbury Memorial H.S.
Dan Fleming (SO) – Tewksbury Memorial H.S.
Owen Gilligan (SR) – Tewksbury Memorial H.S.
Tyler Keough (SR) – Tewksbury Memorial H.S.
Ryne Rametta (JR) – Tewksbury Memorial H.S.

Here are the MVC Division 1 Second Team All-Conference honorees:

Lincoln Beal (FR) – Andover H.S.
Victor Harrington (SO) – Andover H.S.
Jackson McCarthy (SO) – Andover H.S.
Aneudy Moreno (SR) – Andover H.S.
Brendan Cesati (SR) – Central Catholic H.S.
Mark Ciccarelli (JR) – Central Catholic H.S.
Nate Hebert (SR) – Central Catholic H.S.
Nick Mueller (SR) – Central Catholic H.S.
Dom Pedi (SR) – Central Catholic H.S.
Carlton Campbell (SR) – Haverhill H.S.
Brandon Grundy (SR) – Haverhill H.S.
Brady Skafas (SR) – Haverhill H.S.
Isaias Richards (SR) – Lawrence H.S.
Keylan Romain (SR) – Lawrence H.S.
Vinny Schmidt (JR) – Lawrence H.S.
Gianni Vargas (SR) – Lawrence H.S.
Marc Wilmo (SR) – Lawrence H.S.
George Dristilaris (JR) – Lowell H.S.
Nathan Kem (JR) – Lowell H.S.
Aaron Morris (SO) – Lowell H.S.
Keven Yrrizarry (JR) – Lowell H.S.
Zac Bergeron (JR) – Methuen H.S.
Jordan Duran (SR) – Methuen H.S.
Ben Cadet (SR) – Methuen H.S.
Lesley Theodore (SR) – Methuen H.S.

Here are the MVC Division 2 Second Team All-Conference honorees:

Jack Canto (SR) – Billerica Memorial H.S.
Shawn Colby (SR) – Billerica Memorial H.S.
Shaan Rana (SO) – Billerica Memorial H.S.
Nathan Young (SR) – Billerica Memorial H.S.
Dylan Brotherston (SR) – Chelmsford H.S.
Bobby Lee (SR) – Chelmsford H.S.
Tyler Nolan (SR) – Chelmsford H.S.
Shane Sutherland (JR) – Chelmsford H.S.
Adil Nijkam (JR) – Dracut H.S.
Kyle Silva (JR) – Dracut H.S.
Jack Carbone (JR) – North Andover H.S.
Tim Iannarone (SR) – North Andover H.S.
Jack Roche (JR) – North Andover H.S.
Sebastian Vente (SR) – North Andover H.S.
Jake Wolinski (JR) – North Andover H.S.
Antonio Capelo (SR) – Tewksbury Memorial H.S.
Dylan Chandler (SR) – Tewksbury Memorial H.S.
Richie Markwarth (SR) – Tewksbury Memorial H.S.
Will McKay (JR) – Tewksbury Memorial H.S.
Nolan Timmons (SR) – Tewksbury Memorial H.S.

Mike Woodford (SR) – Tewksbury Memorial H.S.

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