Despite all the successes of the 2019 fall season, the stars of Tewksbury football are focused on erasing the ghosts of last year's biggest... Fueled By Last Season’s Super Bowl Loss, Redmen Are Ready To Get Things Rolling

Last season, the Tewksbury Redmen were just a game away from a Division 3 title. This year the plan is to erase those demons.

Though there are plenty of new starters on the field for Tewksbury, the memory of what happened a year ago lingers for the Redmen. Now, under new starting QB Ryne Rametta, the boys are ready to right those wrongs, with a lot of help from the running game.

Veteran ball carrier Kyle Darrigo came on strong to end the regular season, and his play may be key to Tewksbury’s success going forward.

“Kyle is one of our more veteran backs, getting carries here and there last season, and is one of many guys that we use. he’s a great player all around and continues to get the job done. we realize now that we need him to step up even more than before. He will continue to grow in this program, and is a great, hard-working guy that will do whatever it takes,” said star wideout Shane Aylward.

Darrigo’s QB was just as quick to point out what he means to the team.

“Kyle has come of very huge for us this year. We can always rely on him to give his 100 percent effort wether it is running the ball or even blocking. It has been really great having him in the backfield knowing that he is going to give his all for the team. I know he will give us the intensity we need to help us win this next game.”

While there is plenty of love going around for the powerful running back, he points out that his lineman up front deserve a lot of the credit.

“I attribute my running to my linemen. Without them, none of my yards or touchdowns would have happened. I have strong pulling guards that will out their body on the line on buck sweeps and powers. Robby Kimtis, Stephan Arsenault, and Kyle Scrooc are all people I trust with the pulling. Our tackles Mike Woodford, Anthony Desisto, and Dylan Chandler create holes, and keep them open for me to get there. Our lead backs, Kalu Olu, Pat Fleming and Danny Fleming make quick descisions on lead blocks, that are our key to success,” Darrigo said.

When the Redmen need to gain yards through the air though, Rametta will be there to manage things and make the right decisions. He knows that ball security will be crucial against Lynn English this week, and going forward if they hope to make a Super Bowl run.

“I know how hard everyone on that team worked last year so we have to work even harder because I feel that we have a tougher road to Gillette this year than last year.”

Tewksbury QB Ryan Rametta

“My approach this game is to not try and do too much and manage the game well to help give our team success. While also making big throws, but most importantly the right throws. And that means keeping the ball out of the other team’s hands.”

Fueled by a Super Bowl Loss

All three of the star Redmen were quick to answer yes when I asked if the Super Bowl loss from a season ago was a motivating factor this year.

“Yes, of course it is. We came so close, and we still have the bad taste of that loss,” said Aylward. “We have definitely worked hard all offseason and during the year, and another chance would be an amazing opportunity.”

Even without touching the field in last season’s loss, Ryne Rametta knows how much that loss hurt and is eager to erase its memory.

“I know how hard everyone on that team worked last year so we have to work even harder because I feel that we have a tougher road to Gillette this year than last year.”

That road to Gillette will start againts Lynn English, the #7 seed in the Division 3 North MIAA tournament, and it is all in now for Tewksbury says Kyle Darrigo.

“We are approaching Lynn English like it is a Super Bowl. The whole team is aware that this is either a win or go home game. They have great players, and we are polishing our mistakes to get the job done.”

One step at a time, Tewksbury will look to get back to the Super Bowl. One play at a time. One quarter at a time. One game at a time. Coach Aylward will certainly have his Redmen ready.

Logan Jakubajtys

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